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Moving Forward: An Ancient Divorce Ritual For The Modern World

This Book, based on my doctoral research, speaks to what I found when mining the ancient Jewish Divorce Ritual, the GET, and mining it for its ancient wisdom in healing the wounds of divorce in the secular world. It is a practical fascinating look at what is missing in the secular world when attempting to heal the wounds of divorce, and helps each person, or divorcing couple create their own, unique divorce ritual helping them, and their families, move forward, free to love again. 

Comment regarding, and forward in my book: 

In my work as a lawyer, I have had tremendous opportunities to learn from my clients. I have watched them bring courage to their fear, grace to their sorrow, and generosity to a spouse even through they struggled with resentment and anger. I have often wished I has an opportunity to give these men and women more: to give them a gift for the positive transformation of their experiences. Marilyn Beloff has written such a gift.    Nancy Cameron, QC

This E-Book is available for purchase at $8.75. 

Video: Moving Forward: A Healing Divorce Ritual

This Video is a demonstration, written and produced by Dr. Beloff, of a healing divorce ritual. Beautiful and moving, and an inspiration to so many when creating their own ritual

This video is available for purchase at $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

Pamphlet: Preparing for your GET:

This Pamphlet is for Jewish people who wish to prepare for going through the ancient Jewish ritual of divorce. It will help you to prepare psychologically for the experience, thereby helping you to come out of the experience with the greatest possible healing and transformation. 

This E-pamphlet is available for purchase for $5.00. 

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Publications and Published Articles by Dr. Beloff:

Deeper Demensions Article in American Bar Association Magazine.

Purchase Preparing for your GET

Beloff, M.. (2008) Winter. Moving forward: Using ancient wisdom in our modern world to heal the wounds of divorce. Vol. 14, No. 2 (p. 31). Dispute Resolution Magazine. Washington: The American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution

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Speaking Engagements and Trainings: 

What people say about my trainings and presentations:

    “I know from comments we’ve received that many participants came away from this event inspired, enthused, and with an even greater commitment to the collaborative law movement. Based on the comments we received personally and from evaluations, your session was a tremendous hit: "Brave & powerful! Would like to see this featured more next forum. Meaningful beyond words. Very moving & a wonderful ending"

Pauline Tessler, President, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Regarding my trainings for professionals:

   “Marilyn has identified a pressing need and offers a powerful antidote to the spiritually empty process of civil divorce. She has given all the participants in collaborative divorce a special gift.” 

Ellen Sorrentino, Collaborative Attorney and Mediator., Springfield, Mass. Collaborative Law Journal. ( Mass. ) Winter 2004, Vol. 2. No. 2. Pg. 18

   " Marilyn really knows her stuff, given her training in what she calls depth psychology, and what I call existential approaches to psychology along with her experience and research about healing ritual for separation and divorce. She could be the first secular rabbi, priest or minister in Canada, and clearly has found her calling as a personal counsellor. She taught us how to create a blessing, a memorial service for the metaphysical death known as divorce. Such a service allows us to reduce the shame and fear associated with such a loss." 

Shell Miller, PhD. Collaborative Law Journal. (Mass.) Winter 2004. Vol. 2. Pg. 20.

I am available for speaking engagements and trainings. 
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