Psychotherapy and Consultation:


I offer both both in-person and Skype appointments for:

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Individual, Marital and Family Therapy

  • Individual and Family issues around separation and divorce

  • Children of separation and divorce

  • Individual and couple issues around aging and retirement

  • Loss and Change

Grief Counseling
I help couples to:

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Address blended family issues

  • Address Family transitions

Individual Counseling

I help individuals to cope with:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Career stress


I offer consultation services, on-line and in-office, for individuals and professionals working with those going through the difficult process of:

Separation and divorce:

  • Helping parents create the best parenting plans for their children

  • Addressing the needs of children at varying ages and stages of each child

  • Making considered and careful decisions around how to talk to your children and protect them from the wounds of divorce

  • Helping Individuals and Couples face, and heal from their often difficult and painful separation and divorce

Difficulties making decisions regarding Will and Estate Planning:

I recognize the often difficult position of many people when regarding their will and estate planning.

I can help my clients to:

  • Face and address the difficult feelings, fears, and decisions relating to their mortality

  • Address and identify the important issues

  • Address blended family issues and special needs that are preventing them from moving forward with their estate planning

  • Have the difficult conversations with family that are necessary to gain comfort and be able to move forward

Views of the Children Reports:
I welcome the opportunity to aid families going through separation and divorce through the use of Views of the Children Reports.