On-Line And Skype appointments are available:

  • For clients who cannot, or prefer not to attend in-person sessions in my office

  • For reasons of mobility or distance, cannot attend in person

  • For clients who wish flexibility setting up appointments, on week-ends and/or evening appointments

  • For those, who, between in-person sessions, wish or need to have a session

Many clients who are overwhelmed, busy at work, away on business, face mobility issues, shyness, or simply prefer the privacy and safety of their own home, and are seeking help through the internet and Skype rather than in-person appointments. Clients who seek consultation and/or education around many issues find this option to be exceedingly helpful.

Many clients wish to speak with, and consult with a seasoned professional who can steer them in the right direction, put them back on course, listen to them when they are overwhelmed, and provide a beginning point in their search for healing. Consultation as to who to seek out, referrals, etc. can be significant at this time.

I have many clients, all over North America who seek me out for consultation, especially around issues relating to separation and divorce, and divorce ritual. As my doctoral research sought to mime the ancient wisdom of archetypal ritual in healing the wounds of divorce in the secular world, I am especially interested and passionate about consulting with those seeking such healing and transformation and the creation of their own rituals of healing. 

With well over twenty years of work in the area of separation and divorce, I often consult with and help my clients identify and address their related issues. As a former teacher, and early childhood educator, individual, marital therapist and family therapist, divorce mediator, divorce coach and child specialist, I can listen, consult, educate and help guide you through this difficult process. 

With a wide breadth and depth of practice, and with a lifetime of personal and professional experience to share, my clients have found me to be a wise guide and therapist as they navigate through the often turbulent waters of life.

At this time I have several clients, who have moved away and or for other reasons find it difficult to continue to seek help in person and continue to see me on-line and via Skype. 

If you wish to discuss this option, please call, email, or Skype me. 

Email Privacy Considerations:

Please ensure that your email, as is mine, is confidential.


“While I was going through a separation I was at my lowest. Marilyn supported me in a way that allowed me to confidently take control of my life and happiness. All of our contact was made long distance. I felt that Marilyn understood my feelings and was extremely patient and empathetic. She offered practical strategies that helped me keep on track and focus on what was important. I would not be where I am today with out her support.” JS