Assessments, Speaking Engagements and Trainings

I am pleased to work with children, parents, and lawyers and prepare Views of Child Reports. 

With a background in Early Childhood Education, a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology, a PhD. in Psychology, advanced certification in Family Therapy, training in Family Mediation, Divorce Coaching, and experience as a child specialist, court expert and custody and assessor, I have the expertize to undertake professional Views of the Child Reports for the legal system.

I am comfortable working with children ranging from 5 up, and am passionate about my belief that children are precious and have a right to be heard, especially when going through high conflict separation and divorce. I have worked with countless high conflict families, and feel that my method of meeting and working with, rather than assessing, all members of the family, and the parents, before and after meeting with the children, is unique and has proven very successful in addressing and resolving, without the necessity of having to go to court, high conflict issues around parenting and custody. 

In order to be a neutral party with respect to either parent, I am an advocate for the children, and as such, I insist that I be retained by both parents, and fees be paid by both parents or both lawyers. As such, my report and findings are clearly and contractually understood to be motivated by the intention of all to hear and respond to the needs of the particular children.

Upon completion of my meetings with all family members, I will prepare the View of the Child Report, and meet with both parents in order to share my findings. Should we not be able to resolve the parenting issues, I, along with the written report will be available to both parents, both lawyers and if necessary, will be available to appear in court. When necessary, I will also prepare Custody and Access Reports for the court process.

Speaking Engagements and Trainings:

I would be delighted to speak with you regarding professional consultation, speaking engagements, and trainings.

What people say about my trainings and presentations:

"I know from comments we’ve received that many participants came away from this event inspired, enthused, and with an even greater commitment to the collaborative law movement. Based on the comments we received personally and from evaluations, your session was a tremendous hit."

"Brave & powerful! Would like to see this featured more next forum. Meaningful beyond words. Very moving & a wonderful ending"

Pauline Tessler
President, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Regarding my trainings for professionals:

"Marilyn has identified a pressing need and offers a powerful antidote to the spiritually empty process of civil divorce. She has given all the participants in collaborative divorce a special gift."

Ellen Sorrentino, Collaborative Attorney and Mediator
Springfield, Mass.
Collaborative Law Journal. ( Mass. )
Winter 2004, Vol. 2. No. 2. Pg. 18

   "Marilyn really knows her stuff, given her training in what she calls depth psychology, and what I call existential approaches to psychology along with her experience and research about healing ritual for separation and divorce. She could be the first secular rabbi, priest or minister in Canada, and clearly has found her calling as a personal counsellor. She taught us how to create a blessing, a memorial service for the metaphysical death known as divorce. Such a service allows us to reduce the shame and fear associated with such a loss. "

Shell Miller, PhD.
Collaborative Law Journal. (Mass.)
Winter 2004. Vol. 2. Pg. 20.

I am available for speaking engagements and trainings. Please contact me for further information.