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Therapeutic Support: Coming Out Of Isolation

While musing about my therapeutic work with clients facing issues of anxiety, loneliness, depression and family conflict, I am acutely aware that often I see clients in a vacuum. Where are their families, grandparents, families of origin, communities?

In my clinical office I often see clients facing feelings of hopelessness and helplessness,  triggered by  what we are all exposed to in the news media, social media, as well as their  on-going exposure to the pain and suffering they witness within their nuclear and extended families, Having little means to affect change, we often do not know how to help, and feel that the little we can do, on our own, can make any real difference.

Too often, not finding other options, many find themselves checking out, going on line, and spending  too many hours on their own, in isolation, staring at screen, playing games or “connecting” with random others.  Are these individuals seeking a way to connect with other human beings, that is somehow being cut off in the real world? I wonder..

Isolation, depression, fear, hopelessness and helplessness are not inevitable if we chose to join with others to affect change. I have come across a new social justice app, called Group Plan-It, a socially conscious application that allows people to come together, plan and together, carry out socially conscious  activities, and interact with people  around the world in a connected, positive manner.

We all need connection, compassion and support, not only from professionals, but from each other, from our elders, families, work and spiritual communities. I invite each of you to consider how to come into community and connection with those in your personal and global world. With each person who comes out of a place of isolation our world will become a more connected and compassionate place.